Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo, is back on the map, open to visitors and making a name for itself as a great European city destination for those travellers looking for something a bit special. With a fascinating and admittedly troubled past, Kosovo is now welcoming almost 200,000 visitors each year and this trend is set to continue as word gets out about its trendy, low-cost, and quirky capital.

Let me first start by saying that 24 hours is by no means long enough to enjoy what it has to offer but for those of you on a tight schedule who are looking to make the most of the city of rebirth, here is how to spend 24 little hours in Prishtina.

Where to eat

One of the first things I noticed on my journey into Prishtina was the prevalence of qebapa (kebab) shops, each with an aluminium chimney affixed to the outside of the store. I noted ten in a row on one street and wondered how on earth they managed to do business with such localised competition. But then I understood how much Kosovars love to eat meat. With no coastline, meat is a staple of the Kosovar kitchen and served up with pickled vegetables, stuffed peppers, and salad is the best way to eat it.

In the evening, I dined at the Seasons by Otium restaurant that was conveniently located underneath my hotel. A part of the Otium franchise that has an excellent restaurant near my home in Tirana, my expectations were high, and I was not disappointed. Greeted by a smiling and attentive waitress who insisted on topping up my glass with red wine after every sip, she chose a selection of dishes that allowed me to sample a few of the finest options on the menu.